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Castle of Reinhardstein

The Castle of Reinhardstein is is located on the heights of the Weismes commune, more precisely in Ovifat and still marks the history of the region with its indelible imprint today.


Reinhardstein Castle

From the Robertville dam, a trail brings you close to the forest. After a few hundred meters of rocks and roots, a wooden little bridge leads you to a path of rubble. A spectacular view appears right in front of you: In the middle of the High Fens, on a protected area of more than 12 hectares, a castle of brown-black shale stands on a rock with a view on a deep gorge, the Warche valley: Reinhardstein, the château of Metternich.

The castle with a unique architecture within Belgium, is part of the cultural heritage of the East Cantons.

Today, the medieval Reinhardstein Castle has regained its glory. The impressive halls, living rooms with tons of authentic furniture, the armory and the tapestry obviously reflect the taste of the last occupant and provide a special, warm and sometimes extraordinary atmosphere.

Ardennes-Etape tip: there are two roads leading to the castle. The most spectacular and magical one is the road through the Robertville dam (sidewalk at the front, boat rental on the left). Do not miss out on the medieval feast in the Reinhardstein Castle that takes place on the last weekend of July.

Enjoy your stay in the region by strolling through the woods in the surroundings. It is possible to spend the day there, or even to spend multiple days by combining actictivities in the area.

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