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Aisne Tourist Tramway

The Aisne Tourist Tramway takes you on a trip through the lovely Belgian Ardennes. A great and unique way to have fun with an entire group.


Aisne Tourist Tram

The Aisne Tourist Tram (TTA) uses in the region of Erezée a part of the former and authentic railway of the Ardennes (a secondary railway).

You will start at the comfortable railway station where you will discover also a museum and a cafeteria; Old-fashioned vehicles, some of which are more than 100 years old, will take you for a ride through the marvelous and hilly landscapes where nature is pure and isn’t spoilt by time. You’ll ride along the river the l'Aisne for a while and the Tramway will let you discover fauna and flora that is so typical for the Ardennes.

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