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The High Fens

The nature park of the High Fens is one of the most beautiful spots in the country and hikers' paradise. The park covers over 4,000 hectares, just next to the German border. Furthermore, Spa and Malmedy, two delightful little towns in the Belgian Ardennes, are just a few minutes away.


High Fens, breath-taking nature in the East of the country

The High Fens is probably one of the most beautiful spots in Belgium.

The natural scenery is astonishing. In winter time it’s the place to be for cross-country skiers. In spring the flourishing nature is truly exceptional. Summer is the season for biking in the High Fens. And a great autumn hike is just an absolute must in the region.

Ardennes and Eifel

Les Hautes Fagnes are located northeast of the Belgian Ardennes. A part of it is the Ardennes, another part is the Eifel, reaching over the German border.

Arriving from the north (Belgian or Dutch Limburg), you will start climbing considerably once you go south of the E40 motorway. Over a few kilometres’ distance you reach a good 550 metres altitude in Francorchamps (with its famous Spa-Francorchamps racetrack, the most amazing in the world according to many). The plateaus in the High Fens guarantee the most beautiful panoramic views in every season.

Highest point

The Signal de Botrange is, with its 694 metres, the top of the country. The highest point in Belgium is located on the Waimes territory, in the middle of the fens. Many expositions are organised in the Botrange Nature Centre, attracting thousands of visitors every year.

Winter sports

It shouldn’t be a surprise, chances for a fair amount of snow are highest in the High Fens. The snow covered high plateaus are excellent for cross-country skiing. From late November, early December many ski rental places open their doors.

Feel like heading out to the Ardennes for cross-country skiing or regular skiing? Have a look at www.Ardennes-Neige.be. The Ardennes-Etape team keeps you informed about the situation on site. Is there any snow? How many centimetres? Which rental places are open? What materials are available and how much will you pay?


The High Fens are hikers’ paradise. The area is characterised by a vast natural diversity. Fens, forest, meadows, rivers and little waterfalls... You will be hiking through one of the most beautiful parts of Belgium.

There are also many bike rental places in the Belgian Ardennes. Have a look at the list and start exploring the region on a mountain bike or even an electrical bike.

And after hiking or biking we can recommend one thing: relax with a local beer on a terrace in Malmedy, Spa or Stavelot, three delightful little towns so typical for the Belgian Ardennes.

What other cities and villages are located close to the High Fens?
- Jalhay
- Eupen
- Robertville
- Butgenbach
- Waimes

Want to head out for a weekend away in the High Fens? Ardennes-Etape selected the very best self-catering holiday cottages in the region. Have a look here.

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