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Gardens of Annevoie

The wonderful 18th century Annevoie Gardens, listed as Wallonia heritage, invite you on a family stroll where you will be able to use all your senses. They are among the most beautiful gardens in Europe.


Annevoie Gardens

Designed and built between 1758 and 1776 by Charles-Alexis of Montpellier, sustained and loyally kept by its descendants, the Annevoie Gardens are a true historical treasure today of which nature has enhanced its beauty. Throughout the years, Italian and English elements have been added to these originally French-inspired gardens. Because of the fact that these 3 cultures came together in the Annevoie Gardens, people now call these the European gardens.

The entire domain forms a true water garden. Around 50 fountains and waterfalls with water coming from four sources, fill up the ponds and basins. Flowing straight through the domain, the Rouillon river redistributes the water. Charles-Alexis had the brilliant idea to place the main reservoir -a 400 meters long canal- in the upper part of the site and to install a source here. This was the ingenious discovery of the principle of communicating vessels. All of this takes place in a completely natural manner and it lets the water flow for over 250 years without interruption!

A few numbers

Today, the Annevoie Gardens are listed as Wallonia heritage. On top of that they are an example of the perfect combination of magic and purity of a stylish garden. These gardens count: 4 sources, a large 28 hectare park, 50 fountains and trees from over 200 years old.

The playground: children in the spotlight

The new playground next to the Orangerie terrace, gives children the opportunity to enjoy themselves in this fun environment. The playground fits into the landscape perfectly thanks to its originality and the fact that it has been cut out of wood by hand.

The kitchen garden

The kitchen garden has returned to its old spot after a few years. It is a true pleasure to see these old vegetables, aromatic herbs and to taste small fruit such as raspberry, strawberry, currants.

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