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Jet Ski - Jet Club Eau d'Heure

What is better than a jet ski if you're looking for sensation on water. At the Eau d'Heure Lakes, in the Dinant area, rookies as well as experienced jet skiers are more than welcome for a few hours on the water scooter.


Jet Club Eau d’Heure

The Eau d’Heure Lakes in Wallonia are the perfect place to enjoy water sports. Jet skiing is an essential part of the fun on this domain. Yves Beernaut is manager of the club, equipped with all modern installations: new club house, changing rooms, restrooms... Everything is new.

We took off for our first time on the jet ski and we absolutely adored it.

To start: only adults are allowed to use the water scooters. Children can join an adult, but the adult is responsible at all times.

The necessary equipment: a life jacket, helmet and overalls if it’s cold or if one wishes. We went through all the guidelines for using the machine.

A water scooter weighs around 400 kilograms, so caution is due. You don’t just do whatever you want with such a machine. A part of the lake is completely cut off from the rest, dedicated to the beginner’s course in jet skiing.

The guidelines are very clear: accelerate to turn, do not come within less than 100 metres from another jet skier and racing is strictly prohibited.

With this in mind we set off with our own jet ski, escorted by Yves Beernaut, and it was phenomenal.

Even at 20 km/h the sensation of speeds is already there. The waves are refreshing and we start to get the water scooter under control. We up the speed and start turning more aggressively. The whole zone is ours and it’s so much fun we just don’t want this to stop.

Attention: in order for the beginner’s course to pass smoothly, no more than two jet skis are allowed in the zone at the same time.

This activity deserves our highest recommendation: everyone with an adventurous mind and looking for an exciting activity will enjoy jet skiing at the Lacs de l’Eau d’Heure.

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