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Bouillon is absolutely mandatory if you love history and cultural visits. The little city is completely dominated by the impressive castle, but has a lot more to offer. Karting, wildlife parks, kayak rental,... Everything for a perfect stay in the Belgian Ardennes.

Bouillon with Ardennes-Etape

Archeoscope Godefroid of Bouillon

[Province of Luxembourg] [1km]

A travers des vidéos et des diaporama sur écrans géants, des maquettes animées du château et des voix et musiques captivantes, vous revivrez la grande aventure des Croisades.

Bouillon Castle

[Province of Luxembourg] [1km]

The Bouillon Castle looks out over the town and provides lots of information on feudal life. Its remains are very impressive and so is the panoramic view. Many activities, like medieval parties, falconry shows, take place on the site.

Artisan glacier Pierre Gigot  in Province of Luxembourg

Artisan glacier Pierre Gigot

[Province of Luxembourg] [1km]

Looking for a delicious ice cream in Bouillon in the Belgian Ardennes? Pierre Gigot is the place to be. He makes his ice cream and even the cones using traditional methods, without the use of additives.

La Fauconnerie du Château 

[Province of Luxembourg] [1km]

The Bouillon Castle looks out over the town and provides lots of information on feudal life. Its remains are very impressive and so is the view. Many activities, like medieval parties, falconry shows, take place on the site.

Pédalos Les Dauphins in Province of Luxembourg

Pédalos Les Dauphins

[Province of Luxembourg] [1km]

Flâner en pédalo à Bouillon, le long de la Semois, en voilà une activité reposante et délassante ! Surtout si ce sont les autres qui pédalent...

Bouillon Animal Park

[Province of Luxembourg] [2km]

The animal park of Bouillon was founded in 1989 with the purpose of improving contact between man and nature. All generations get the chance to (re)discover the rich fauna and flora the Belgian Ardennes has to offer.

Kayak Les Epinoches

[Province of Luxembourg] [2km]

Kayaking on the river Semois in the Bouillon area is the ideal way to get to know the Belgian Ardennes from another perspective. Kayak Les Epinoches offers single-seater and multi-seater kayaks and canoes.

Semois Kayak in Province of Luxembourg

Semois Kayak

[Province of Luxembourg] [2km]

Avec Semois Kayak, vous avez la possibilité de partir de Poupehan ou de Bouillon. Deux itinéraires s'offrent à vous pour une découverte de la nature. Génial!

Le Tombeau du Géant

[Province of Luxembourg] [2km]

Le Tombeau du Géant est un endroit magnifique à Bouillon. Depuis le point de vue de Botassart, vous aurez une vue impressionnante sur la nature. L'un des panoramas les plus impressionnants en Belgique.

Ucimont in Province of Luxembourg


[Province of Luxembourg] [3km]

Belonging to the municipality of Bouillon, Ucimont is located in the province of Luxembourg, deep in the Belgian Ardennes. The region is a beautiful example of unspoiled nature, especially in the valley of the river Semois. The environment guarantees excellent hikes, biking routes and water fun on the river. Bouillon is just fifteen minutes away, while Bertrix, another place deserving recommendation, is accessible within 20 minutes.

Semois Aventure

[Province of Luxembourg] [4km]

Semois Aventure is specialized in organising adventurous outdoor activities in the Belgian Ardennes. All takes place alongside the river Semois in the Bouillon area and under careful supervision of an experienced team.


[Province of Luxembourg] [5km]

The village of Poupehan belongs to the city of Bouillon, deep in the south of the Belgian Ardennes, next to the border with France in the province of Luxembourg. The hills surrounding the place offer a great view on the valley of the river Semois and are the perfect setting for a hike or a biking expedition. The river offers plenty of opportunities for kayaking or fishing.

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